“John Howard acts as an enabler for the acquisition, purchase and funding of planning applications 

For private owners of land and sites, John will offer advice to ensure that maximum profit is achieved when the project is brought to the open market.

John will also personally fund the cost of all planning on future developments and alternatively is happy to purchase possible development sites without planning, with a view to capitalising potential. He also has a proven track record in acquiring sites which have challenging planning and other difficult issues.

With the sale and purchase of over 3,000 properties and developments, funding projects is made easier due to John’s vast experience within the property world, which spans over 30 years, by using a blend of knowledge, private equity and specialist property bank funding.

Positioned in a niche property and development arena John Howard, through his various companies, is in the market for investing between £500k to £10m per project.

Joint Ventures

John has been working on various joint ventures with a number of high wealth individuals and companies, establishing partnerships with some for over 25 years.

Most recently, he has started working with‎ leading private healthcare providers to acquire sites to build both private hospitals and care homes throughout the UK.

Public Speaking and Auctioneering

John’s public speaking career started in 1989 when he was invited to speak at various engagements across the UK on behalf of the National Grid to promote electric heating in high-rise apartments and tower blocks throughout the UK. Since then, John has gone on to give presentations and speeches on both football and property matters on a regular basis.

John is also frequently invited to preside over auction at many events throughout East Anglia on behalf of charities, private businesses and most recently for the Conservatives’ auction dinners.